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PROJECT - Insulated Metal Roofing Panel Patio

Corro / Corro job in Brisbane by Chapman Builders


Insulspan Insulated Roofing Panels Logo
Layered cross-section diagram of the Monospan Steel Profile

Monospan Steel Profile

Corrugated Steel Profile layered illustration

Corrugated Steel Profile

Diagram illustration showing Corro/Corro profile layers

Insulspan Corro/Corro


3 GREAT facts about INSULSPAN Insulated Roofing Panels by Quick Built:-

  1. Not many people are aware that you can make your patio insulated making your outdoor areas much more livable by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  2. Our insulated panels can span a very long way preventing unattractive and restrictive support beams.
  3. You can have different profiles including double sided corrugated. This can create a very modern and aesthetically pleasing finish.
Insulspan is a lightweight, enviromentally friendly, insulated roofing system 
perfect for any building project from patios & awnings to architectural & commercial buildings.
Insulspan roof panels are 0.762mm wide reducing weight of panels considerably. This makes the insulated roofing panel quick and easy to install.
Insulspan Corrugated Profile design and manufacturing techniques have enabled the foam to be flush with the Roof Profile preventing spiders and other vermin from entering and also greatly increases the support of the Roofing Sheet.