A DIY Quality Flat Pack Patio Kit you can build yourself.

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"Your Complete Patio in a Pack"

DIY Insulated Patio Kit System

Lightweight, maintenance free and fully insulated.

• Our insulated Patio Kits use the unique INSULSPAN® modular roofing system
• Economical, durable, no maintenance
• Provides excellent insulation for comfortable outdoor living
• Easy to assemble and install due to our modular panel system
• Available in long spans eliminating unsightly beams
• Innovative ‘PanelLock’ joining system gives an attractive ceiling finish
• INSULSPAN® Thermaduct makes cable access safe and easy
• Available in Monospan and Corrospan roofing profiles
• The external roof sheet is available in a choice of many colours
• Internal ceiling lining is Off White steel and maintenance free

DIY High Gloss Metal Patio Kits

Long Spans with attractive High Gloss appearance.

• Slimline Patio kits incorporate our unique Slimline Roofing Product
• High Gloss finish for aesthetically pleasing finish
• Long Spans reducing requirement of support Beams
• Alyspan Beam and Posts for long lasting durable construction
• Alyspan Smart Connectors making installation quick and easy
• Complete installation manual perfect for any DIY Patio & outdoor living project